Worship is at the heart of our community.  Week by week, month by month, or however occasionally we make it to worship services, through the rituals of this time together we are formed in the love of God and community.


September-Mid-June 10:00 am Service

Summer-9:30 am Service!

**We share in communion on the 1st Sunday of each month.

The feel of worship @ BUCC is informal, relaxed and personal.

Baptism & Communion

In the Protestant branch of Christianity of which we are a part, two sacraments are celebrated: baptism & communion.
Our understanding of a sacrament is as an outward and visible sign of an inner, invisible grace. 

While we celebrate only 2 acts as official sacraments of the church, we recognize that every dimension of life is sacramental and contains the possibility of revealing something of the all encompassing love of God.

Baptism @ Buckingham

In the ritual of baptism, the already present inner, invisible love of God out of which we are all born is revealed, celebrated, made visible. Baptism is a celebration of our primary identity as a beloved child of God. It is an embodiment of the hopeful vision that whatever other identities confront or bless us over the course of our life, we are first and foremost always God’s beloved in Christ.

Details of the ritual of Baptism:

  • The ritual of baptism happens in the midst of a Sunday worship service.
  • You are welcome to be baptized whatever your age.
  • At Buckingham, the children are called forward to witness the baptism.
  • The Minister baptizes by placing water on the forehead
  • We are only all baptized once.  However, we can celebrate a renewal of baptism when we feel the desire to return to or feel anew our primary identity as God’s beloved.

If you are interested in being baptized or having your child baptized, contact Susan Betz @ 860-633-7992

Communion @ Buckingham

In the sacrament of communion the already present inner connectedness & hoped-for reconciliation of all creation is revealed, celebrated and made visible.  Communion is a celebration of our primary identity as participants in a creation beyond our making and yet which asks us to be responsible for one another.  It is an embodiment of a hopeful vision of humanity, that with all our differences, our brokenness and mistakes, we are able to come together in the fullness of God’s peace and compassion; in Christ.

The ritual of communion:

  • We share in communion on the 1st Sunday of each month
  • We alternate between 2 primary styles of participating in communion: intinction and seated.  By intinction means that you come forward, take a piece of bread and dip it in a cup of juice then eat it.  In seated communion we are given the bread in our seats, eat that first, then drink from our own small cups of juice.
  • The bread is blessed and offered as “the body of Christ” or “the bread of new life”
  • The cup is blessed and offered as “the blood of Christ” or “the cup of blessings”
  • ALL are welcome to the communion table, we practice an open table. Whatever your age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class, race, ability…you are invited to Christ’s table.