Small Groups

We believe meaningful relationships grow best in small groups!

Learn about Buckingham's small groups below

Small groups offer a potentially less intimidating environment than worship or coffee hour to  get to know others over time, to share yourself and to grow in your faith and creative life. If you are curious about any of these or other small groups, reach out to the contact listed.

Confirmation Class

Confirmation Class happens everyother year at Buckingham, UCC.  Confirmands meet with the Pastor three Sundays a month from September until May to learn about their faith before they are confirmed.

Contact Susan Betz: if you know someone who is interested in being confirmed or having their child confirmed.

Bible Nuts

Bible Nuts is a men’s Bible study group. They meet at 7:00 pm the first two Tuesdays of the month and then on Wednesdays for the remainder of the month.

Contact: Susan Betz,

“Each week as we come together we learn from each other, and support each other and become closer to God and life itself.  I always leave feeling uplifted and invigorated.” – Carl


“Meeting as a group, with scripture and prayer tying an evening together, is about as real as my week can be.  Real people coming together for a time to reflect on God’s word, current issues, and personal experiences…When I’m not their I REALLY miss it!”


Theology on Tap

Theology on Tap meets at local restaurants the third Wednesday of each month at 6:15 pm.

Contact: Susan Betz,

Theology on Tap allows us space for more intimate conversation that include theological or spiritual topics in a coed environment. During Sunday service, we are primarily listeners.  At Theology on Tap, we have an opportunity to speak, share ideas, etc.  This builds deeper relationships – understanding for others, gives us glimpses into the trials of another only skimmed over during prayer time in church.  We are allowed to be vulnerable in a small group of trusted souls trudging along life’s path.  I love it! – Kate